Monday, April 8, 2013

My Booth "Chantilly"

Hi everyone....I hope you are all well. I have had some people ask me about my booth and how it is going, so I thought I would give a little update. Here is a few pics I snapped with my husbands phone today.

They are not the best quality.... The dresser and chandelier from the first month have all sold. All that you see now have been recently added.

I love this dresser I recently refinished. It is made out of old cracker barrels.

I have had no luck selling pictures or paintings....empty frames sell best. I am still learning what sells and what doesn't. Sometimes I put something in and the next day it is gone, other items have been in since the beginning. I love getting in the booth and rearranging. It is like playing house. I am hoping to add some handmade things this month....and see how they sell. So far my furniture has been the biggest hit.....Blessings to you all on this wonderful spring day! 

Amy Jo


  1. Your booth is perfect. Where is your booth? Yep, you nailed it, empty frames are great sellers and furniture. big and small. That dresser if fabulous! Actually I was out at antique sales last weekend lol! The slips I got are in my booth and selling like crazy. I have never had slips before, but I will be looking for them now...You never know what will sell!


  2. Your booth looks great and I love the name of it! My daughter name is Chantel..and we used to sing to her "Chantelly lace and a pretty face.." (instead of chantilly)--anyway..perfect name for your booth!

  3. Hi Amy Jo! Your booth is so pretty, definitely one I would visit. Love all the girly touches! I hope you continue to do well!

  4. Oh what a pretty booth. I would stop and look at your stuff for sure.

  5. Your booth looks like somewhere I would love to shop lots of pretty things! I think that would be so fun to have a booth to rearrange, I'm doing that in my house alot. If I had a booth I could sell my old stuff and change it out even more often, what fun you must have!

  6. So, so pretty. I wish I lived close by for a good poke around. You're selling what I love to find, and buy. :)

  7. Your booth looks very inviting and beautiful


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