Friday, January 30, 2015

Some Cleaning....

I bought these adorable tins a little while back and they have just been stuffed away in a cabinet. I got to thinking what is the point of having them if I am just  going to hide them. So I looked around and thought they would look nice on top of the refrigerator. When I climbed up to see about this..... Let's just say it was not pretty. So a two minute project turned into 30 minutes. But Now I have a clean dust free fridge and some pretty little tins on top.

Amy Jo


Monday, January 26, 2015

A Handmade doll

I thought I would share the little handmade doll I got from a lady who lives in Chez Republic. She is so adorable and even though I got her months ago, I forgot to share her with my blog friends. I found her on instagram and instantly wanted her. She took over a month to get to me. Now she sits in the entry way.  I hope all are having a wonderful beginning of the week.

Amy Jo

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Happy New Year! 2015

Oh my time has gone by so fast! It is a New Year and a lovely one it is! I have been busy with my little family. We all had the flu over the Holidays. So we had six weeks of illness in this house. It  is really awful. But we are all better now and moving forward with the new year. I hope all of you are well! I am hoping to spend a little more time here. But I keep using instagram and then never update this little corner of my life. I hope to do better though.

Amy Jo

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving day was so fun. We got to spend time with family from near and


Chatting and eating....

and taking the memories will last a lifetime.

Dad entertaining us with something funny.


My adorable mother.

Mom and Sister cooking the stuffing and Giblet Gravy.

Aunt Teresa and Uncle Jerry. She has her blog at

Daddies girl.

The turkey was super moist and delicious. It looks like the pilgrims want to eat NOW.

Always time for fish tales.

Dinner is served.

Levi turned 12 on Thanksgiving day. He is no longer a little boy. He was sick the entire week. But at least he felt pretty good on his birthday.


Daddies Girl.

Our Firefighter.

Cousins. It was a wonderful day full of laughter and fun. Now we are racing toward Christmas. Time is flying by. We will have our Christmas party in just 11 days. I love the holidays.

Amy Jo

Monday, November 24, 2014

Pin Money Banks

Can you believe Thanksgiving will be here in three days? I can't. Not only will it be Thanksgiving but it will be Levi's 12th birthday. Time is flying. I wanted to share a couple of vintage banks I have gotten over the last couple of months. I collect these little banks and I only had a couple. But I picked up two more. This is the first one.

And this is the second one. My picture blurred a little. They are just so pretty. I love them.

Here they are on my bookshelf in the dining room. I have a beautiful little hutch to work on and paint. I am hoping to get that done soon. Then all of this will be changed up. I will keep you updated.

Amy Jo

Friday, November 21, 2014

Feminine Friday

So I haven't done a feminine Friday in a loooong time. So today is Friday and I thought I would.  I heard about this company on Instagram that is called Stitch Fix. It is a personal  stylist via the internet. You give your sizes, your likes and dislikes and they send you out a package of clothes and accessories and you see if you like them. If you don't you just send them back, no problems at all. (Postage Paid)

I apologize for this mirror. I had just bought it and had not cleaned it yet. ( Isn't it cute?) Pink and everything!  Back to the Fix. I got this maxi dress which I would never in a million years   think that this would look good on me. But I love it. It is comfortable, Modest and light weight. They also sent me the sweater I am wearing and a really cool necklace. So I decided to keep most of the items sent. I have gotten a few fixes since this one and they have been hit or miss. But always fun!  One thing about the Fixes is that they will make you think outside of your box. You know me floral and vintage. But these fixes are modern and trendy. Sometimes that works and sometimes it just doesn't.  So that is it another fabulously feminine Friday!
P.S. If you decide to join tell them I sent you. They give you money towards the next fix. ;)

Amy Jo

Monday, October 27, 2014

A New Charm for my Braclet

Happy Fall Y'all! I just wanted to pop in and show you the new charm my Aunt gave me fro my charm bracelet. It is the 3rd one from the left.  I think it is so pretty. I am quite smitten with it.  We are going to the Fancy Flea this Saturday and I just can't hardly wait. I will update again soon.

Blessings and Love,
Amy Jo