Friday, October 27, 2017


Autumn has finally arrived in the good old sunshine state! It has been fabulous so far! Cooler temperatures, not so many bugs and a lot more sunshine!

Levi is getting to wear long sleeves which he has always loved to do. Although it's a very short season of this kind of clothing.

I got to go to a really great little antique show and I found this salesman sample dresser already painted the perfect shade of pink.

And it's lined with gorgeous vintage wallpaper....

I added a curtain to the pantry door I couldn't stand to see the unorganized mess any longer. 

We celebrated 25 years of marriage this month! 

Hubby bought me four rockers that I absolutely love.

That motivated me to clean and reorganize the porch. I hope your October has been beautiful and blessed!

Amy Jo

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


September was a whirlwind... It started wonderfully with my daughter and son in law coming for a visit. We went to one of our favorite restaurants that I save going to only when she's home. It's a Cuban restaurant and they have the best! Food! 

She fixed my hair in a braid and then messy bun. I love braids but I'm terrible at braiding hair. 

Everything was going along until hurricane Irma decided to come for a visit. This is the day before the storm. We decided to go to a movie. We were the only ones in the whole auditorium. We saw Dunkirk it was interesting but strange. 

The next day the wind and the rains came down... this was our back yard as water started to rise. 

 Trees snapped and branches fell. 

There was a lot of flooding. This is normally an open field. It looked like a lake. 

This is the lake by our house. Overflowing.

Eventually closing roads. Some of which are still under water. 

There was no power for nine days and massive amounts of cleanup.

But we survived and the power was restored. Praise the good Lord!

Hubbys birthday was the very next day and so I baked him a cake. He requested strawberry cake. ( I didn't torture him with a pink cake) lol 

Lastly my sister and I had a shopping day and I found Fefe.... and life was beautiful and normal. And we were all glad when September ended. 

Amy Jo

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

[Auto-saved Post]

Hello there! It's been a little bit since I popped in here. Summer was so busy. Honestly I don't even know where it went. It's seems as if it's one day rolling into another. These are some beautiful finds I got in Ocala over the summer. 

These are some pretty sheets I picked up used as well. 

 They are queen size sheets but they weren't deep enough to actually fit my bed. So they went on the guest room bed.

It has been a stressful summer with lots of  vehicle break downs and other expenses that we didn't foresee.... but we've gotten through. 

I got this lovely Cath Kidston bag. I've always wanted one but never found one here in the states. Thank you Amazon.

It's also been extremely rainy this summer which is just depressing. I can't wait for the rain to be over. I don't think I could ever live up North. I would be very unhappy. 
I hope everyone is having a happy summer and hopefully you will have a safe holiday weekend! 
Until next time 
Amy Jo

Friday, June 23, 2017

Cheers to the Weekend

Good morning! I wanted to share this beautiful card my mom sent in the mail. It came after my last post. 

My flowers are holding up pretty well. Though the hydrangeas didn't hardly last two days.
Isn't this a sweet necklace? It's from oh honey hush on Etsy. She sells a lot of different things. Like head scarfs and jewelry all with a vintage vibe. You can also find her on Instagram.
 I'm so glad the weekend is here. My husband has been working 14 and 15 hours a day and the weekends are sacred right now. 
Maybe we can sleep until 7 instead of 4:30. It sounds wonderful anyway. And I know he's exhausted and needs the rest.  So how is everyone else doing? Are you excited for the weekend? Do you have wonderful plans?


Monday, June 19, 2017

My Birthday

My birthday was filled with so much love and good times. On Friday my husband had this beautiful bouquet delivered to the office😍. 
And when I got home I had this beautiful pen and card from my Aunt in the mailbox! It was so sweet. 

On Saturday I went shopping with Amber (my sister) and I found these beautiful books, 
I love the sweet simplicity of the old illustrations. 

I found this cute butter knife and

These pillows . They freshen up my tired old chair. We then had a wonderful lunch. I went home for a few hours and cleaned while hubby mowed. After that it was to dinner with my In laws. 

My mother in law bought me this!!! A blower! I never would have thought of it, but I absolutely love it! I was able to get my porch clean in a fraction of the time. 

So a beautiful birthday it was! The only thing missing was my daughter who is still far away in New York. She normally spends the day with me and this was the first time in her 24 years that we weren't together for one of our birthdays.  But I'm hoping to see her soon.

Amy Jo

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


June the month of roses....

It's been raining here pretty much the whole month so far.

I'm trying to cheer myself with flowers and rearranging , to much grey gets me craving sunshine and warmth.

This weekend is my birthday! So I'm looking forward to lunch and antique shopping with my sister. It's been quite sometime since I've gotten to go.

She found some new shops somewhere, so we are going to check them out. 

I hope everyone is having a good month so far...

Amy Jo

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Beautiful Things All Around Us


Good morning! It's positively beautiful in Florida right now... We have been having the best weather and it's wonderful! I'm so grateful for every day. 

I changed out the aprons....

I haven't grown tired of any of my pink appliances or pink decor..... when you love something you can always make it work. 
And it seems everything you pick up just goes....because it's what you love. This little bear is so cute. So she was added to the vignette. 

I named her cupcake... I hope your having a lovely week....
Blessings and Hugs
Amy Jo