Friday, April 28, 2017

Cottage Happenings

Life is going by so swiftly... every day is such a blessing and a gift. I'm back with a little update on the happenings in Winona Cottage. I got to meet Christie Jones Ray about a month ago and I now have a cute little Eliza mouse along with one of her books. I've been following her blog and Instagram account for years so it was so neat to meet her.

My daughter came for a visit during spring break and oh did we paint the town! We went shopping and to the beach and out for lunches and dinners. It was fabulous! 
But of course all good things must come to an end. So she flew home. But will be returning next week for the birth of my nephews son. 
Spring has been unusually cool here in Florida... that was until yesterday when it hit the 90s. 

I finally completed this little collection. I found the refrigerator and it was the final piece that I needed. I love this little set. It's from the 1950's. It came in pink and white. Of course I wanted the pink version.

I did some tweaking in the entry way. And I love how it turned out. I have never loved the way it was before but I'm thrilled with it now.
Some of my favorite dishes got to come out again.
My baby dresses are back in the limelight.

And some of my toleware found a home again.
Happiness all around. 
Most recently I found this sweet little pink hanger at Michaels for half price. It's perfect for some of my aprons. I will show a shot of the whole room next  time. Well I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful spring! And I'll be back soon! Hugs to you all! 

Amy Jo

Monday, March 20, 2017

Glorious Spring

Spring has sprung in Florida!

We've been blessed with the most beautiful weather! I adore Florida for many reasons but Spring is at the top of the list. 

To the front porch... 
I've rearranged my sitting area on our porch. I'm still searching for the perfect furniture for it. I'm very patient. So I'll know it when I see it, until then..... This is it.
I got a new spring chicken for the kitchen. Isn't she adorable?
And a beautiful new dining table. I'm so happy with it. 

My handsome hubby hung my pink chandelier for me. And I love it!!!!

I've been playing around with the decor and putting that spring touch on everything. I love yellow and spring is the perfect time to add it in. 

I even changed the bedding in the guest room...,and I have a visitor coming. My daughter... I'm super happy to spend spring break with her. I miss her so much. 

Maybelline has been doing wonderful... she had her 1st grooming and they said she was an angel. Isn't she adorable? We just love her so much. 

I hope you all are enjoying spring and the beauty it holds... and if it's still snowing and cold where you are I hope Spring shows up soon!
Amy Jo

Sunday, February 5, 2017

February at Winona Cottage

Valentines Day is just around the corner. I've been putting my very few decorations out. 

The kitchen island is my favorite place for little vignettes. 
The fridge is my favorite!

We've ordered a new dining room table. This one is so comfortable and pretty but the chairs are on wheels. That is not a good thing for hardwood floors. So a guy (vendor) ( Not Too Shabby)I met at the Fancy Flea is hand building us a farm table! It will be white. I took chairs I already had he will paint them to match. Plus he's building a bench for one side. 

Sending you a truck load of love. 

Amy Jo

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Happy February

February!!! Can you believe it? One month down in 2017. It flew by. I was sent this pillow from Live Sweet and asked to show a few pictures on my Instagram account. I absolutely love it! It's so sweet. And probably the cutest thing I've found for Valentines. 

January was busier than ever... with lots of changes.

We sold my childhood home..... 

We got Maybelline. 

And my daughter and son-in-law moved to New York. I'm really going to miss them. But I'm planning a trip this summer or fall. 

Time.... ever elusive, never standing still, and we all want just a little more of it.  It is flying by! Hopefully February is a little slower... but somehow I doubt it.

Amy Jo

Monday, January 16, 2017

Randomness From Winona Cottage

Can you believe we are 16 days into the new year? So far it has whizzed by. My mom and I went to goodwill and I found this letter A. Already painted pink. Perfection!
The early morning sunshine peaks in through the blinds. I love Florida and the year round sun and warmth. 
I make my bed every morning. I can't stand an unmade bed.  It's just one of those things that drive me crazy. What about you? Do you make your bed? Or is an unmade bed ok with you? 
Have y'all tried Lemon Curd before? It's life changing! Well maybe not life changing, but it definitely changes your toast. If you like lemon. If you don't then I wouldn't suggest it. lol 
So what's on your agenda today? Since it's Martin Luther Day. I have the day off. (As a wife and mother you know we never really have a day off) but I'll say it's my day off. I'm going to paint some things... and grocery shop and I might stop in the antique store.
 And in other news Maybelline (the puppy) will be flying in on Friday. I don't know exactly when. But the breeder emailed me and asked if Friday would be ok. So expect puppy pictures soon. I'm very excited to finally get my Christmas present! PS wouldn't it be great to look like this? 

Amy Jo

Friday, January 13, 2017

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!! I'm so excited about 2017! Try to take the time each day for thankfulness. Remember this day only comes once, never to be replayed. That is my word for the year. THANKFULNESS. It will be my focus to soak up every minute, every second. And to be grateful for this precious time that our God has granted us. Each person is a little gift in your life, placed there by the creator. Enjoy those gifts! 

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever. 
1Chronicles 16:34
Amy Jo